Friday, 22 May 2015

Destiny: House of Wolves Review

  Destiny is a game that is struggling to win back its fans. Don't get us wrong for every one person out there, there seems to be two that play it. But is it a case of too little to late for the DLC to save the game and bring the auidence back?
  House of Wolves tries to rectify this and has a hard time in the process. The story is mediocre, you track down a Kell that is leading a rebellion from the Queen of the Reef. It uses maps that are already on the disc as its back drop and opens new areas that you've been wondering why they were closed before now. Much like The Dark Below, this makes you feel like the DLC is kind of lazy, which makes you uneasy in turn.
  It does come with 2 new levels, raising the level cap to 34 if you buy armour that has 42 light on them or you can participate in certain events to gain materials to push up your Crota armour to 42 light each also. This is where it is a little annoying. Prison of Elders (arguably the best part of the DLC) isn't available til towards the end of the story. The new PvP mode is only available on weekends, leaving it to the Nightfall mission to give you the materials you require. The trials os something that looks to be part of Destiny's solutions, but the fact it is a weekend only event, it takes part of alure away from it.
  Weapons can also be upgraded, Gjallahorn destroys bosses in two (maybe three) hits when upgraded. Again you need materials, Legendaries require those mentioned above, but for Exotics, all you need is a base material you can get from dismantling and an exotic shard.
  New bounties and factions are availble. Getting you the ability to once again rank up for a pointless armour shader or emblem. The best gains are from The Fallen agent, who offers armour, weapons, emblems, among others. But the best things from him require you to have access to Prison of Elders.
  No new raid. A phrase that resonates in the ear of Destiny players. The Prison of Elders is a good subsitute but still isn't the same as smashing Crota full on in the face as a warlock then floating away as if you're MC Hammer.
  Overal 6/10
  New challenges 7/10
  Storyline 6/10
  Locations 5/10
  Not as good as Dark Below and you can't help feeling that there is still something missing, evem when you get past the fact that a raid is missing. One of the two main attractions is closed for maintence during the week and the other requires you to complete a dull story that by the end you won't care what happens.

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