Tuesday, 30 June 2015

G2G Interviews MakinGames about Raging Justice

Welcome to another great interview, this time with MakinGames, the makers behind a new Xbox ID game called Raging Justice.
So I hope you enjoy this interview and gives you a inside into the developers themself and the game.

Kingwhybrow: Could you tell us about your company and what games inspired you as you were growing up?

MakinGames: MakinGames is an independent game development company set up in the East Midlands, UK. Founded by husband and wife duo, Nic and Anna Makin, to launch Raging Justice.
The games we played while we were growing up, and inspired us to make Raging Justice were; Final Fight, Vendetta, Streets of Rage 2, Double Dragon…

Kingwhybrow: Maybe you can give us an insight to your new title Raging Justice.

MakinGames: We got together with Steve Burke and Jay Howse, friends from our time at Rare, to make Raging Justice. We had been discussing how there hadn’t been any old-school style brawlers for a while and how we would love to play one, so we decided to do it ourselves!
Jay Howse is a fantastic 3D artist. He put together the models for Raging Justice. We decided to make them ‘stop-motion’ style to keep the feel of the game like the classic brawlers we grew up with. Steve Burke is the award-winning composer in our team. He has put together a great soundtrack that captures the essence of the arcade music of the 90’s. Nic Makin, as our programmer, has got the game to play like the classics, but faster and more responsive with more intelligent AI in keeping with the expectations of modern gamers. Raging Justice makes full use of the hardware with 1080P, 60HZ frame rate and surround sound.
Kingwhybrow: What made you choose the XboxOne as a platform of choice, was it the XboxOne Dev Kit?

MakinGames: As a team we have had extensive experience developing games for consoles, from GameCube, to PS3, and more extensively creating games for Xbox. Registering with Microsoft was like coming home. It’s not a decision we have regretted because they have been really supportive.

Kingwhybrow: Will you be off to E3 this year to demo your game and get more ideas?.

MakinGames: We were going to go to E3 but we decided it was more important to focus on getting Raging Justice finished. You’ll see us at some of the shows later this year.
Kingwhybrow: Is this your first major game or have you had other big releases?

MakinGames: This will be the first game from MakinGames, but we previously worked together at Rare, and have been at a few other studios too. Between us we've worked on AAA releases such as Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Transformers Universe, and F1 Race Stars.

Kingwhybrow: Will you be able to download extra characters via Xboxlive?

MakinGames: Right now we're focused 100% on releasing Raging Justice with as much content as we can. But as we've so many ideas for extras for the game, we have plenty of things we can add as downloadable extras, from more characters to different gameplay modes, to more levels. It's tough to know where to draw the line so we can release the game!

Kingwhybrow: How long has Raging Justice been in development?

MakinGames: It’s been a real labour of love for the last five years. It started as a fun hobby and has become a serious business over the past year. We are still part-time, fitting the game development around full time jobs and family. So many things have come up that slow development down but you have to be flexible and roll with it. As surprising as it may sound, we're still having heaps of fun making Raging Justice, it's exactly the kind of game we love to play - I guess we've fallen into the trap of making a game for ourselves :-), at least this means it's being made with passion!

Kingwhybrow: How much support does Xbox give you when it come to making the games?

MakinGames: Xbox, and the ID@Xbox team specifically, have been very supportive. It's a fantastic programme to get in on. They are there when we need to discuss events, announcements, or launch details, they're always happy to help or offer advice on the various aspects of releasing a game. We were also lucky enough to be part of the ID@Xbox stand at EGX Rezzed earlier this year, a fantastic opportunity for us to show of Raging Justice, and one we wouldn't have been able to do without the support of the ID@Xbox team.

Kingwhybrow: Do you think you will follow us to read more interviews from us now?

MakinGames: We would love to now that we know where you are (although we have to get our game finished first! ;0P)

Kingwhybrow: Well I hope best for Raging Justice and that you have a great launch day when it's available.
Keep fighting the good fight and i hope the game gives you more ideas for the future.

MakinGames: Thanks :0)

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