Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Xbox with G2GEVOLVED

Gears of War 4:

Gears of War 4 Demo at E3 made us all remember the best moments of Gears all over again. We got induced to a new team all together with two new characters named JD and Kait, who seem to be hunting down a creature through a old city in a sandstorm.

So the developers ( The Coatlition) have added new team, new enemies and have kept the original gameplay with some added features to make the game feel fresh and new at the same time.

Could we see them going the same way as Halo with another 3 games added to the series?

Halo 5: Guardians:

We saw a glimpse of the single player at E3, where you see Locke and his team hunting the Master Chief down for his so called crimes against humanity.
Then 343 gave us a new game mode like Titanfall in many ways, like having the A.I running all over the maps while you gun down other multiplayer players but bigger and more ways you can change the tide of the game at anytime with team upgrades.

The new mode is called Warzone, a new multiplayer experience for Halo fans, which drops two teams of 12 in open map swamped with Covenant and Promethean A.I forces and you will have objectives and missions to complete.


With RECORE you have two teams that have come togeother from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune and Armature, a team  of ex-Metroid Prime Developers. So we all hope this game will be a Jewel in our eyes, talking of jewels that is the name of the character in the game. Your one of the last humans alive with your own robot dog to help you though it.

The trailer did make us shed a tear as we saw the new robot friend sacrifice himself for Jewels safety, destroying the enemies surrounding them. Could mean that your light orb companion can upgrade itself to combat different scenario thought the game. 

So glad to see another great new IP from Microsoft Studios.


New added features we know from Forza 6, they have added over 450 cars, which is over double from forza 5. Looks like there will be over 25 tracks in the game, including ten new creations, such as a Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro to show the might of Forza Motorsport graphical features. 
Looks like the weather effect won't be available on every track in the game (Wet weather and night races).


This game was voted the best upcoming game from E3, this reminds me of a old fashioned disney tv show, like the black and white visuals disney cartoons had. The game itself looks amazing with its 2D side-scrolling shooter with up to 2 players. Looks like this game might be just stear ID@Xbox in the way they never thought was possible.

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