Wednesday, 12 August 2015

First glimpse of WWE 2k16s Roster

It's due out in October and 2K have already syated that this will be the most expansive roster to date of ANY WWE game.

Although, whether it will be any good as another matter as it includes film entities like pre-order bonus 'The Terminator' and no we do mean the actual character and not Arnie. Why not include Alien and Predator while we're at it?

Anyway, 2K has given us a list, Via IGN and GamesRadar+, of a list of characters to feature in the newest title. None of which is a big surprise.

The list:

Bad News Barrett
Booker T
Colonel Mustafa
Daniel Bryan
Eva Marie
Finn Balor
General Adnan
John Cena
Lord Steven Regal
Seth Rollins
Sin Cara
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sunmer Rae
Triple H

There's the obvious attitude era inclusions here, hopefully Masked Kane will be back, on the list are also several World Champions that you'd automatically expect to be in "The largest ever roster" too.

The game will launch on the 27th of October.


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